International Religious Tourism Workshop Assisi 24Th – 27Th November 2018

The IRTW 2018 – International Religious Tourism Workshop – has been presented in the ENIT head quarter in Rome. The IRTW takes place in Assisi from 24thto 27thNovember 2018.

Attended the press conference the Assisi Mayor Stefania Poletti, the ENIT Executive Director  Giovanni Bastianelli, the IRTW DirectorNicola Ucci, the Executive Assisi Tourism ManagerGiulio Proietti Bocchini, the Federalberghi Perugia President Simone Fittuccia andtheDiscover Assisi Convention Bureau President Elena Angeletti.

This is the 4thEdition of IRTW, that, During the years, revealed itself as an important event for those who work in religious, cultural and historic tourism. The “religious packages” are changing, by including nature-related contents, art cities and cultural experiences and, more in general, becoming a branch of experience-based tourism.

After the success of the first 3 editions (2015 and 2016 in Padua and 2017 in Rome), International Religious Tourism Workshop lands in Assisi.

IRTW is addressed to all those who work in the religious tourism, pilgrimages, cultural, historic and artistic tourism in order to show the excellencies of the various territories, the best of hospitality sector and to offer the opportunity to all the different operators of meeting, sharing experiences and doing business.

Religious tourism is composed both by its faith dimension (pilgrimages, religious paths) and by its cultural dimension. Over the years, the number of travelers who experienced religious destinations without being believers increased. Religious destinations attract travelers for many different reasons including art, nature, culture, personal spirituality and social ethic. By traveling around the world it is possible to visit thousands of destinations that could be defined “religious”, but that diversify greatly from one another. According to WTO (Word Trade Organization) there are over300-330 million religious tourists around the world and the turnover is esteemed in 18 billion dollars with an increasing trend.

Italy is one of the favorite final destinations, especially for the catholic world, considering the presence of the Vatican and Rome, and the presence of other realities such as Assisi, Padua, San Giovanni Rotondo, Loreto and many others. In the “Bel Paese” the religious offer is composed by over 1.500 sanctuaries, 30.000 churches, 700 diocesan museums, and many other monasteries and cloisters. Within all these places is gathered a huge part of the Italian cultural and artistic heritage and they represent some of the most important destinations both for religious and cultural travelers.

“Religious paths’ presence numbers confirm the tendency of an increasing personal and spiritual research. – ENIT Executive Director Giovanni Bastianellisaid – This increase is confirmed by a positive trend of +71,4% travelers from 2016 to 2017 (estimated by ENIT Statistic Department based on Bank of Italy data). Religious tourism trends show a constant increasing number of travelers during the months of May-June and September-October, helping the yearly touristic flows to stabilize. Main destinations are confirmed to be Rome, Assisi and San Giovanni Rotondo a Piro, Cagliari, Milano and Piacenza for the international flow of tourism. Brazil (21,1 million €), France (14 million €), Spain (12,3 million €), Colombia (10,3 million €) and Chile (9,9 million €) are the main incoming markets in Italy, all increasing between 2016 and 2017”.

“The local administration in Assisi is honored to host IRTW 2018. – Assisi Mayor Stefania Proiettisaid – This event has the ambition of helping the market to grow, creating new relations and ideas and new business opportunities. The goal is to understand and intercept the global flows, offering an experience that is religious, moral, artistic, cultural, ethic and environmental at the same time.”

As partners members alsoFederalberghi Umbria and “Discover Assisi – Convention Bureau, represented by their presidents – respectively Simone Fittucciaand Elena Angeletti – cooperated to organize this 4thedition of IRTW.

“IRTW in Assisi is a perfect opportunity to enhance the visibility of the variety of the religious destinations. – IRTW Direct Nicola Uccisaid – The religious, cultural, artistic and historical values of Assisi are the reasons why we decided to bring IRTW there and we hope to create at least a 3-years collaboration with the Assisi administration, the regional and local authorities and all the business partners.”

IRTW takes place in Assisi from 24thto 27thNovember 2018 with the presence of 50 Buyers (both Italian and coming from abroad) and over one-hundred Sellers coming from Italy and many other countries, including non-European ones. Saturday 24ththe Mayor will meet all the Buyers in the City Hall during the first official moment. On Monday 25ththere will be a promotional meeting reserved for institutions, associations and professionals where religious destinations will be presented and they will introduce their future projects. During the afternoon there will be a visit of the city including the moving Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. On Monday 26thboth Buyers and Sellers will meet in a B2B Workshop that will take place in Monte Frumentario Palace.  Buyers will participate and visit the roman-medieval path and after that a traditional medieval dinner will take place.

In the picturefrom left to right: Simone Fittuccia, Nicola Ucci, Giovanni Bastianelli, Stefania Proietti, Giulio Proietti Bocchini.


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